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Shane Allison: "Six Works"

Tamara Dean: "Seven Works"

Yi Xiao Chen: "Three Works"

Tif Robinette: "ain’t your goddess, ain’t your beast"

Dao Linh: "Two Works"

Josh Sinn: "Six Works"

Marcus Oakley: "Eight Works"

Alexa Torre: "Works from 'Mexican Utopia' and 'Zona Rosa'"


Nicholas Bon: The Final Voicemails, Max Ritvo

Adam Pickens: The Collected Letters of Flann O’Brien, ed. Maebh Long

Paul Hansen: The Deeper the Water the Uglier the Fish, Katya Apekina

Michael Taylor: The Golden State, Lydia Kiesling

Tom Kelly: Band Names & Other Poems, Peter Davis


Power Morton: "The Farmhouse"

Alex Brenner: "Shpykiv"

Johanna Dong: "Blood Distance"

Eleanor Howell: "Letter to My Sister"

Matthew Zanoni Müller: "Field Survey"

Michelle Ross: "Resurrection"

Gregory Ariail: "All Hermits Died on Thursday"

Denise Delgado: "Understanding the Family: A Guide for Clinicians"


Feroz Rather: "In Search of Evanescence: A Conversation with Michelle Brittan Rosado"

Kelly Butler: "Something New: An Interview with Shane Allison"

Aram Mrjoian: "Heavy Questions or Armenian Small Talk: An Interview with Liana Aghajanian"

Kelsey Ward: "Interview with Tyler Barton"

Aram Mrjoian: "Editors Roundtable: Editors on Editing"

Kamil Ahsan: "An Interview with Aatif Rashid"

Dorothy Chan: "Creating Consciousness Through the Alphabet: A Conversation with Chewy Hannah Yukon"

Jayme Ringleb: "An Interview with Cara Dees"

Aram Mrjoian: "Finding Florida: An Interview with Kristen Arnett"

Aroosa Kanwal: "From a Ruin of Empire: An Interview with Uzma Aslam Khan"

Natalie Tombasco: "An Interview with Alice Bolin"


Greg Emilio: "A Recipe for Drinking Life to the Lees"

Tommy Vollman: "Hands"

Bryan VanDyke: "Counting Steps; or, How to Live Like an Animal"


Danez Smith: "bloodnectar"

Hai-Dang Phan: "Ballistics" & "My Viet Cong"

Nicole Stockburger: "The Tools We Used"

Tiana Clark: "Hells Bells"

Derrick Austin: "The Devil’s Book" & "Remembering God after Three Years of Depression"

Craig Santos Perez: "Teething Borders"

Alicia Elkort & Jennifer Givhan: "Two Poets Email on a Sunday Afternoon" & "We Did Not Go To Prom"

Chewy Hannah Yukon: ATOA: An Exploration of Consciousness Through the Alphabet

Claire Wahmanholm: "The Sun, the Ship"

Ben Purkert: "The Only Confession" & "The Only Piccolo"

Alycia Pirmohamed: "A Dark Bird" & "My Father’s Canada"

Zeina Hashem Beck: "Flamingos"

Noah Baldino: "Aubade with Wind Chimes and Hesitation"

Katie Schmid: "At their first meeting, my boyfriend asks my father 'what was prison like?'"


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