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Shane Allison: "Six Works"

Tamara Dean: "Seven Works"

Yi Xiao Chen: "Three Works"

Jamea Richmond-Edwards: "Four Works"

Tif Robinette: "ain’t your goddess, ain’t your beast"

Dao Linh: "Two Works"

Josh Sinn: "Six Works"

Marcus Oakley: "Eight Works"

Alexa Torre: "Works from 'Mexican Utopia' and 'Zona Rosa'"


Nicholas Bon: The Final Voicemails, Max Ritvo

Adam Pickens: The Collected Letters of Flann O’Brien, ed. Maebh Long

Paul Hansen: The Deeper the Water the Uglier the Fish, Katya Apekina

Brandi Nicole Martin: Cease, Beth Bachmann

Robert Cocanaugher: Big City, Marream Krollos

Michael Taylor: The Golden State, Lydia Kiesling

Tom Kelly: Band Names & Other Poems, Peter Davis