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Infinity Plus One

after Terry Boyd

This day allotted red

sun. Control


a son borne

the shivers. Remember I replaced

the river a whole

strand of waterway. Overlap Do you trust human error.

Nervous the line.

Operations a texture

below our given circle

a calm row of pattern

when we straightline

the audience. A small

function where we close

the fabric.

I once shaped liquid path

Then golden river

into mammal.

Then blue sore

spreading from center

towards the crowgray rain.


But There Are Limits

after Terry Boyd’s ‘But There Are Limits To Our Human Ability to Even Conceive Greatness’

Do you trust allotted human error

a frayed

day with a nervous

line which makes a road

To fill a red sun Controlling

texture our given circle

do you trust another

for bridge

where we error the fabric A son borne

the shivers

I replace this golden river

in a whole strand of waterways shaped into a mammal

A calm row of pattern a nervous line could

provide in times of calm, in times​

below blue