• 37.2


    • Alycia Pirmohamed: "Origin of Water II," "Another Last Prayer"

    • Traci Brimhall: "Ode to Oxytocin at a Distance," "Aubade with a Confederacy of Daisies"

    • Allison Joseph: "Everest's Daughter"

    • Zeina Hashem Beck: "Heirloom," "Flamingos"

    • Claire Wahmanholm: "More Rabbits," "The New Horticulture"

    • David Greenspan: "The first time my father cut himself"

    • Dujie Tahat: "early to the dentist"

    • Noah Baldino: "His Famous Torn Farm Dress," "Aubade with Wind Chimes and Hesitation"

    • Ranjana Varghese: "That the Science of Cartography Is Limited"

    • Craig Santos Perez: "The International Media Interviews the Author about Guam"

    • Ben Purkert: "Two Can Play This Game"

    • Indrani Sengupta: "hobbled erotic"

    • Emily O'Neill: "Dear Andy"

    • Brandon Courtney: "Comfort for a Heat Death"

    • Chelsea Dingman: "Human Spectacle"

    • Logan February: "Blue Corolla"



    • Kelly Butler: "Disturbing and Confusing with a Splattering of Dark British Humor: Artist Interview with Mr Mead"

    • Mr Mead: "Spiral King," "Synchronicity," "Cavendish Cousins," "Decisions," "Wotsit's First Light," "Captain James," "O'Brian's Only Solace

    • Kelly Butler: "What the Form Has to Say: Artist Interview with Gosia"

    • Gosia: "Evening Glow," "Enoki," "Beneath the Surface," "Moon," "Shape of Her Eyes," "Beneath the Waves," "Grow," "Into the Red"



    • Monic Ductan: "Black Water"

    • Laura Maylene Walter: "Sleepaway Camp for the Education of Young Girls"

    • Whitney Collins: "Disarmed"



    • Greg Emilio: "A Recipe for Drinking Life to the Lees"

    • Shelly Ehrman: "Seeing Daddy"

    • Anne Rasmussen: "Visitors"

    • Emily Wortman-Wunder: "Don't Bring That Stuff Up Here"

    • Christopher Craig: "I Can't Tell You More Than That"


    • Aram Mrjoian: "Finding Florida: A Conversation with Kristen Arnett"


    • Hera Naguib: "Girls Are Coming Out of the Woods, Tishani Doshi"

    • Nate Duke: "Dissolve, Sherwin Bitsui"

    • Daniel LoPilato: "Wild Milk, Sabrina Orah Mark"

    • Keri Miller: "Florida, Lauren Groff"