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  • Stuart Dischell: "Time Was the Rider"
  • Liza Flum: "Guy (n)," "So, which one of you is the guy?"
  • M. K. Foster: "Monstrum (n)," "Poem for the Bomb in My Father's Chest"
  • Chris Hutchinson: "The Dilettante"
  • Peter LaBerge: "Midnight in Findlay, Ohio"
  • Ellyn Lichvar: "What Does My Palm Smell Like"
  • Miller Oberman: "He Was Restless"
  • Danez Smith: "bloodnectar"
  • Ryan Walsh: "Ghost Factory"
  • Kara Kai Wang: "My Father Visits by Way of Elegy"



  • Maria Adelmann: "Elegy"
  • Brigitte Leschhorn: "Like Sleep"
  • Robyn Ritchie: "Little Bones"



  • Jensine Eckwall: "Within the Context of Another Story: Artist Interview," "The Growers," "Longevity," "The Masochist," "Miwi La Lupa: Beginner's Guide," "Sophie (Roald Dahl's Mother)," "The Duke of Solimena," "This Circle (Walking into the Wind)," "When the Three Beggars Arrive"
  • Jamea Richmond-Edwards: "Convene Under the Enigmatic Sky: Artist Interview," "Don't Let the Flowers Fool You," "Guns, Bubbles, and Black Power," "Wings Not Meant to Fly," "An Ode to Farad, #1," "An Ode to Farad, #2," "No More Running," "Sacrifice for Sacrifices," "If You Look Closely, You Will See God"


Creative Nonfiction

  • Charles Green: "Against Sayings"
  • Tom McGuire: "One Shoe Off"
  • Sue Repko: "The Gun Show"
  • Ray Shea: "Landmine"



  • Brian Larsen: "The Form of Looking Out the Window: An Interview with Carol Light"
  • Denton Loving: "Listen Harder: An Interview with Anders Carlson-Wee"


Book Reviews

  • Win Bassett: "Keeper of Limits: The Mrs. Cavendish Poems, Stephen Dunn"
  • Thaddeus Harmon: "Catalog of Unabashed Gratitude, Ross Gay"
  • Sophie Klahr: "Reconnaissance, Carl Phillips"
  • Steven Pérez: "Intervenir/Intervene, Dolores Dorantes and Rodrigo Flores, trans. by Jen Hofer"
  • Feroz Rather: "A God in Every Stone, Kamila Shamsie"
  • Alaina Symanovich: "The Light of the World, Elizabeth Alexander"
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