• Stacey Abbott: "Kindness"
  • Okla Elliott: "The Inside Bird"
  • Lydia Fleming: "Inside"
  • Rebecca Hazelton: ""Love Poem for What Is"
  • Ashley Seitz Kramer: "Beluga Patriot"
  • Heather Kirn Lanier: "Candy Panties and Edelweiss"
  • John Stanford Owen: "First Barrow"
  • Rich Smith: "Like Father"
  • Corrie Williamson: "Migraine/Ecotone"



  • Mark Halliday & Martin Stannard: "The Loves of Nina"



  • Jeremy Hermann: "Ambiguous Space: The Artist Writes," "Amanda II," "Chris F.," "Chris S.," "Holly II"
  • Shannon Reynolds: "Who We Are, What We Know: The Artist Writes," "In This Space," "My Grandmother's Apron," "She's Gone," "Without True Ground"



  • Adrienne Celt: "Classroom"
  • Chris McCormick: "The Tallest Trees in Lancaster, California"
  • Ken Weaver: "Kleptos"



  • Edward Mullany: "Comic Strip 1-7"


Creative Nonfiction

  • Greg Bowers: "The Sun Is Warm"
  • Brett Strickland: "Burying the Elephant Bones"
  • Jason Tucker: "The Least Objectionable Thing"



  • Devin Murphy: "Hard Work and True Gods: An Interview with Jonis Agee"
  • Lily Iona MacKenzie: "Compress and Then Expand: An Interview with Dean Rader"


Book Reviews

  • Amber Nicole Brooks: "Fables, Sarah Goldstein"
  • Katherine Conner: "The Odditorium, Melissa Pritchard"
  • Michael Martin Shea: "Have, Marc Gaba"