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  • Kwame Dawes:  "The Darkest Elation"
  • Patrick Holian: "Safeway Roses"
  • Joshua Burton: "Giving Mary Grace"
  • Kate Pyontek: "Blue 52"
  • Andrew Hemmert: "After Moving"
  • Jay Yencich: The Field of False Horizons
  • Andrew Zawacki: "[From] These Late Eclispses"
  • Christopher Brean Murray: "The Day & the Hour" 
  • Christopher Blackman: "Contemporary Variation of the Flood Myth"
  • Aristotle Johns: "Walmart Breakroom"
  • Marianne Chan: "Watching the Winter Olympics at 3 a.m., and I Want to Win Gold"
  • Fullamusu Bangura: "i’m so fine"
  • imogen xtian smith: "Heartthrobbing"
  • Matthew Tuckner: "The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire" and "Worldblind"
  • Nick Martino: "Diatomaceous Earth"
  • Dorothea Lasky: "The Hunters Enter the Scene" and "The Weather"
  • Alex Tretbar: "Claustrophobe’s Sonnet on Metempsychosis"
  • Rochelle Hurt: "Mary Cassatt — The Letter (1890-91)" and "Jay DeFeo — The Rose (1958-66)"



  • Laura Rubenstein: "Here Lies the Body"
  • Nell Smith: "Cumberland by Sail"
  • B Rivka Clifton: "In My Slut Epoch"
  • Rachel Paris Wimer: "We Fly in Planes"



  • Tim Raymond: "Crash" 
  • Robert Osborne: "Swing"
  • Becky Mandelbaum: "Chiclet"



  • Mosie Romney: "Multiple Selves," "The Undertitty," "Tonight's Queen," "In the Room," "All My Babies," "A Sun Suite," "Mystique Style," and "Rain Body" 

  • Kara Joslyn: "It’s Never Too Late for Lucy," "I Promise Not to Sell All Your Perfume Secrets(Scentless Apprentice)," "The Upside of Her Hell (Bozo Ode)," "The one-armed man comes into the flower shop and says: What flower expresses 'days go by—and they just keep going by, endlessly pulling you into the future?' And the florist says: White Lily," "Trickster," "Fist Heart / Mighty Dawn Dart," "I had a slight Diversion but I’m back I’m back I’m back I’m back (the present)," and "Never Listen to the Demon at the Crossroads" 

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