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  • Ross White: "The Eleventh Bowling Pin"
  • Canese Jarboe: "Economics" and "Poem in the Shape of a Saddle" 
  • Steven Espada Dawson: "In the Dream Things Are as They Should Be"
  • Tyler Kline: "Poem in Which My Father Tells Me the Forecast"
  • Kelsey Carmody Wort: "For My First Culinary Trick, I Attempt Bananas Foster Hand Pies"
  • Corey Van Landingham: "Reader, I"; "Reader, I"; and "Reader, I"
  • Gabriella Adriana Iacono: "Tugging"
  • Margaret Ray: "Making Out at the Movies" 
  • Olivia Treynor: "Do Not Soften Your Edges It Only Makes You Easier to Consume"
  • Stevie Edwards: "Some Lines for the Looming Apocalypse" 
  • Jane Zwart: "Pink Noise Machine" 
  • Ben Kline: "Every Turn" 
  • Olivia Muenz: "Moving Day" and "Driving thru Taco Bell" 
  • C.T. Salazar: "Four Snakes Makes Our Flag" and "Four Snakes Makes Our Flag" 
  • Joshua Jennifer Espinoza: "A Family History Is Sacred" 
  • Anthony Thomas Lombardi: "I Think I’m Finally Ready to Admit That I Don’t Know the First Thing about Forgiveness" 
  • Clare Welsh: "Portrait of Woman as Coal Mine" 
  • Zoë Fay-Stindt: "Of All the Metaphors for Being a Daughter" and "On Having a Daughter" 
  • Chelsea B. DesAutels: "Dirt Roads" and "March"



  • Spencer Wilkins: "The College Guide for Secret Diabetics"
  • Julia Grant: "The Blessing of the State"
  • Siavash Saadlou: "My Mom Told Me"
  • Naomi Ullian: "Dispatches from the Cypress Cities" 



  • Lauren Genovesi: "See You Again" 
  • Taylor Clarke: "Noble Gases"
  • Wilhelm Sitz: "Sans Souci"



  • Elizabeth Haidle: "Inward," "Home Again," "Connect," "What Is It?," "The Empress," "People Watching," "Strength," and "Surrender" 

  • Darrin Maier: "Portrait," "Smile," "Loomer," "Good Wife," "Nothing," "ISIS," "Vertebrate," and "Codeine" 

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