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  • Hajjar Baban, “Words I First Used in Poetry”
  • Victoria Chang, “News of the Assassin,” “The Shortest Night,” “Ancestral Voices,” “Lives of the Artists,” “The Gods”
  • Aldo Amparán, “Endings”
  • Luther Hughes, “Making the Bed”
  • Justin Jannise, “Mercury in Retrograde”
  • Taylor Byas, “Your Husband Says Let’s Try Something New,” “Conversion | On Cincinnati’s Converted Churches, God, and Lucifer”
  • Jaz Sufi, “Litany to Protect Against Possession,” “When My Classmates Ask Me If My Father Took Down the Towers”
  • Essy Stone, “Norris Lake,” “Pseudo-Cyclical”
  • Arman Avasia, “The Only Safe Way to Hold a Blade Is to Point It at Someone Else”
  • Marissa Davis, “When the Blood Came,” “Elegy for the Living”
  • Denise Duhamel, “I Am Not an Astronaut”
  • Ae Hee Lee, “Hyu :: In-Between,” “El Milagro :: Edges”
  • Carolyn Orosz, “Eclogue with Grappling Hook”
  • Kelly Weber, “Conversion with Petrichor and This Clitoris”
  • Maria Zoccola, “i sit with miss jean to learn witchcraft at a catholic nursing home”
  • Kelli Russell Agodon, “Melancholy Never Expected Much,” “Sometimes I Wonder If I’m Reading



  • Min Liu, “Leg Monster,” “1,” “2,” “3,” “4,” “5,” “6,” “7,” “8,” “9”
  • Jacqueline Tse, from the series “Death by Sugar”: “Birthday Cake,” “Kids,” “Double Cone,” “Pie,” “Four’s a Crowd,” “Tart,” “IC1F,” “The Kiss,” “Wedding Cake,” “IC3”



  • Lauren Green, “Instructions for Lovers”
  • Amina Gautier, “Mean to Me”
  • Brandon Taylor, “Otto”
  • Laura Perkins, “Flush”



  • N.R. Robinson, “Junior Village”
  • Kristine Jepsen, “Hallowed”
  • Emerson Henry, “Chesticle Festival”
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