• 38.2




    • Jehanne Dubrow, “Martial Law”
    • Suphil Lee Park, “Another Day Dead From Having Been Awake Too Long”
    • Esther Lin, “I Laugh” & “Diagnosis”
    • Stephanie Niu, “A Lao Jia Song Is a Song of Home”
    • Chekwube Danladi, “Accra Wedding,” “Depraved Indifference,” & “In From the Rain”
    • Mag Gabbert, “Pink”
    • Jim Whiteside, “Poem on the Transbay Tube”
    • Michael Bazzett, “Career Day”
    • Hannah Bridges, “Celebration”
    • torrin a. greathouse, “Anthropocene Anxiety Disorder” & “Oral History”
    • Su Cho, “New Year’s on Rockland Avenue”
    • Saddiq Dzukogi, “Body Honed With Memories”
    • Sandra Beasley, “Card Table” & “Lazarus”
    • Emilia Phillips, “My Childhood Dog Jessie Once Ate A Box of 120-Count Crayolas and Shat Speckled Rainbows for a Week” & “At Eleven, I Described an Aging, Female Celebrity to My Father as Looking ‘Rode Hard and Put Up Wet’”
    • Justin Greene, “Tourette’s Syndrome as Future Metalhead” & “Tourette’s Syndrome as BOP IT EXTREME”



    • Agustín Gagliano, “Cinema,” “El Tiempo,” “Exploring Other Dimensions,” “Falso Rey,” “Reflexiones en Cuarentena,” “The Room,” “Viento Norte,” & “Weekend Vibes”
    • Jillian Evelyn, “The Thought of It,” “Waiting,” “Wallflower,” “Keeping It Together,” “Maternal Clock,” “The Giver and the Taker,” “Sunbather,” & “Vices



    • Bipin Aurora, “I Seek Him”
    • Sarah Edwards, “Driving to Ithaca”
    • Sina Kian, “43.89, -110.67”
    • Peter Newall, “Cherry Vareniki”



    • Christopher Citro, “What You’re Thinking Now Is a Chunk of Marble”
    • Bryan VanDyke, “Not Sleeping”
    • Amanda Hiber, “To Digest”
    • Christine Spillson, “If I Had Stayed in Ohio”
    • Sarah Fawn Montgomery, “In Flame”