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  • Gabrielle Bates, Art; Adrienne Raphel, Words: "from 'Imogen and the Beginning of Color'"
  • Russell Brakefield: "Poems for Detroit"
  • Andrea Jurjević: "To the Editor Who Asked I Send Poems without the Word Cunt"
  • Laura Cesarco Eglin; Translations by Catherine Jagoe and Jesse Lee Kercheval: "Una noche sonámbula / Sleepwalking Pregunta / Question"
  • Cynthia Cruz: "Tagebücher," "The Way"
  • Nabila Lovelace: "Hourglass"
  • Hera Naguib: "In My Dream, the Mother of Isa Tells Me"
  • Carl Phillips: "Skylark," "Yet No Less Grateful"



  • Kelly Butler: "Making Something: Artist Interview with Marcus Oakley," "Nightscapes and Cars: Artist Interview with Josh Sinn"
  • Marcus Oakley: "Arms," "Car," "Checked," "Hand," "Hand Up," "Hands," "Long Arm," "Headssss," "Looking," "Van"
  • Josh Sinn: "Arbitus, "Baltimore 1," "Baltimore 2," "Dundalk," "Ellicott City," "Pikesville," "Pittsburgh," "Towson"



  • Alyssa C. Greene: "Sweetbreads"
  • Brandi Reissenweber: "What's Left of Streeterville"
  • Saba Waheed: "The Magic in the Waiting"


Creative Nonfiction

  • Kerry Folan: "Summer, 1986"
  • Bronson Lemer: "Battle Buddy"
  • Amy Marcott: "The Michael Corleone of Break Points"
  • Greg Wrenn: "Trees"



  • Dorothy Chan: "Of Obsessions, Fetishes, and Fans: A Conversation with Alice Fulton"


Book Reviews

  • Alyse Knorr: "Anatomical Gift, Virginia Konchan"
  • Paige Lewis: "Thrust, Heather Derr-Smith"
  • Jayme Ringleb: "play dead, francine j. harris"
  • Mat Wenzel: "Until the Cows Come Home, Alain Ginsberg"
  • Theodore Yurevitch: "Fire Sermon, Jamie Quatro"
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