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  • Allison Adair: "The Clearing"
  • Christopher Todd Anderson: "Highway 30"
  • Michael Lavers: "Abridged Taxonomy of Space"
  • Hugh Martin: ".50-Cal. Gunner, Sandbag Detail"
  • Owen McLeod: "You Bet Your Life"
  • Annie Paradis: "How Good I Looked in the Coral Robe I Put on at the Gyno's Office"
  • Paige Quiñones: "Ode to Desire"



  • Allegra Hyde: "Some Say It's Yellow, Some Say Red"
  • Ann Stewart McBee: "Ruth's Red Ale"
  • Sujata Shekar: "The Interview"



  • Matthew K. Thompson: "Thinking Like a Painter: Artist Interview," "After Welling After Wyeth," "Borges Going Blind," "Commerce 2," "Untitled (2010)," "Untitled (2016)," "Woodcutters 1," "Woodcutters 2"
  • Kayla E.: "Artist Interview," "Precious Rubbish"


Creative Nonfiction

  • Sheila Sanderson: "The Bacon-Only Diet"
  • Alysia Sawchyn: "Phone Sex, Revisited"
  • John Wamsted: "Touch and Go"
  • Lareign Ward: "Two Boyfriends"



  • Zach Gerberick: "The Heaven of Animals: An Interview with David James Poissant"


Book Reviews

  • Josh Brewer: "Driving Without a License, Janine Joseph"
  • Dorsey Craft: "Landscape with Headless Mama, Jennifer Givhan"
  • Tanya Grae: "Cannibal, Safiya Sinclair"
  • Daniel LoPilato: "The Ghosts of Birds, Eliot Weinberger"
  • Molly Marotta: "The Nest, Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney"
  • Theodore Yurevitch: "Lincoln in the Bardo, George Saunders"
  • Megan Tilley: "A Gentleman in Moscow, Amor Towles
  • Obi Calvin Umeozor: "Unbearable Splendor, Sun Yung Shin"
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