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  • Lauren Albin: "Of This Body," "Rural Fix"
  • Margaret Bashaar: "Cannibal Island Dream Sequence"
  • Norman Dubie: "Trow Hill, Vermont"
  • Esther Lin: "Danaë Sprung"
  • Mark Wagenaar: "The Magnet Boy of Serbia"


The Southeast Review Poetry Contest 2016, Judged by David Kirby


  • Samuel Cross: "Self Portrait as Bigfoot, Turning Myself In"
  • George Drew: "One Burning Mississippi Afternoon"
  • Rebecca Lauren: "Miriam Leads the Israelite Women to Band Camp While Zipporah Marks Time"
  • Samuel Piccone: "Let Us Consider"
  • Elizabeth Tannen: "Dear You (Home Ghazal)"


  • Chelsea Dingman: "The Girl in the River"



  • Alexandra Comeaux: "The Community Pool: Softness and Survival in Film: Artist Interview," "Not without a scar.," "I had never kissed a boy in water before.," "We were nineteen and trembling with the gravity of being that way.," "The Language of men.," "He told me to call again tomorrow.," "Light.," "Focus.," "Rush."
  • Folio: Three Artists: Yi Xiao Chen, Dao Linh, and Aleksandra Panic
  • Yi Xiao Chen: "Celebrating Beauty and Boldness: Artist Interview"
  • Dao Linh: "Narrative Story Telling: Childhood, Myth, and Magic"
  • Aleksandra Panic: "Porcelain Masks and Myth"



  • Christian Holt: "Argyle & Flock's Milk Bar"
  • Victoria Miluch: "It Would Be in a Movie"


World's Best Short-Shorty Story Contest 2016, Judged by Robert Olen Butler


  • Danielle Davis: "A Proper Expression"
  • Joyce Frank: "Education on a Winter's Day"
  • L. L. McDonals: "Hunt"
  • Brooke McKinney: "The Demolitionist"
  • Beejay Silcox: "Keraunopathy"


  • Thomas J. McConnell: "Boccaccio"


Creative Nonfiction

  • Jill McCabe Johnson: "You Should Never have Dated Him in the First Place and Other Helpful Stalking Advice"
  • Jonathan Starke: "Some things You Should Know bout Me Now"


The Southeast Review Narrative Nonfiction Contest 2016, Judged by Elizabeth Stuckey-French


  • Barrett Bowlin: "Some of You But Not All of You"
  • Caitlin Mcgill: "Museum of Endangered Sounds"


  • Gwen Holt: "The Ditch Bank and the Fence Line"



  • Dorothy Chan: "From One Poet to Another: On Habitate of Stones, an Interview with Ezra Dan Feldman"


Book Reviews

  • Renata Fuchs: "Blackbirds in September: Selected Shorter Poems of Jürgen Becker, Jürgen Becker, trans. by Okla Elliott"
  • Charlotte Muzzi: "White Blight, Athena Farrokhzad"
  • Feroz Rather: "The Mersault Investigation, Kamel Daoud"
  • Jayme Ringleb: "Thief in the Interior, Phillip B. Williams"
  • Rachel Sahaidachny: "The Spectral Wilderness, Oliver Bendorf"
  • Kate Schapira: "Incorrect Merciful Impulses, Camille Rankine"
  • Karen Tucker: "You Should Pity Us Instead, Amy Gustine"
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