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  • Christeene Alcosiba: "Self-Portrait with Gauguin's Parau Na Te Varua Ino"
  • Jenna Bazzell: "Leaving East Bend, Apartment B"
  • René Char trans. Nancy Naomi Carlson: "Cruelty," "Improvised Torture," "Relations Between Parasites"
  • Bruce Bond: "Dusk"
  • Lauren S. Cook: "Owning It"
  • James Norcliffe: "Control Tower"
  • Alison Stagner: "Tenderness"
  • Tim Suermondt: "At Eighty-Five My Father Wins His Last Bet at the Track"
  • Alicia Wright: "Self Portrait as St. Peter's Youth Group Member," "Elegy for Marilyn with Streaks of Silver"


The Southeast Review Poetry Contest 2015, Judged by David Kirby


  • Sarah Gordon: "Creases, Folds"
  • Tom Kelly: "Funeral Glam"
  • Rebecca Lauren: "Elegy for a Band Mother"
  • Ralph Sneeden: "Contrapunctus (#2)"


  • Carolyn Moore: "The Teen Romances Her Razor"



  • Cameron Glavin: "Wilder Than: Artist Interview," "Wilder Than 1-8"
  • Yao Xiao: "Unspoken Sentiments: Artist Interview," "Big Rock Sushi Mountain," "Drake Duck's Adventure," "I Got Tired," "Inherited Bad Money Habits," "Love," "Nan's Funeral," "Red Witch and Morning Papers," "Wandering Bear"



  • James Dunham: "Passage"
  • Natalie van Hoose: "A True Relation of the Vicissitudes That Attended the Adelantado Don Hernando De Soto and Nobels of Spain in the Conquest of Florida"


World's Best Short-Short Story Contest 2015, Judged by Robert Olen Butler


  • Amina Gautier: "Thankful Chinese"
  • Lewis Holt: "Manliness"
  • Ashton Russell: "We Don't Talk About Ifs"
  • Ashley Shelby: "Liberation: Kuwait"
  • Michaella A. Thornton: "Man Lace"


  • C. A. Kaufman: "Akron, Ohio: 1933"


Creative Nonfiction

  • Steven Church: "After School Lesson"
  • J. Nicole Oquendo: "*bhendh-"
  • Matthew Komatsu: "Because I Don't Say Love"


The Southeast Review Narrative Nonfiction Contest 2015, Judged by Bob Shacochis


  • Heather Corrigan: "Widmarked"
  • A. Sandosharaj: "Dead Bird Stories for Nonbelievers"


  • Will McGrath: "Death of the Virgin"



  • Misha Rai: "Navigating Rather Than Negotiating: An Interview with Jennine Capó Crucet"


Book Reviews

  • Kelly Anderson: "Landmarks, Robert Mcfarlane"
  • Kelly Butler: "Control Bird Alt Delete, Alexandria Peary"
  • Peter LaBerge: "Prelude to Bruise, Saeed Jones"
  • Taylor K. Long: "The Daughters, Adrienne Celt"
  • Ramsey Mathews: "My Feelings, Nick Flynn"
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