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  • J. Camp Brown: "1954"
  • Ruth Foley: "The Cracking Place"
  • Ben Gunsberg: "Burning the Nest"
  • W. M. Lobko: "Glass Beach"
  • Mitchell McInnis: "Deep in the Woods, Hunting the Male Mythopoetic"
  • Michelle Menting: "Oral History"
  • Jeff Newberry: "Fourteen Footnotes for an Autobiography"
  • Maggie Queeney: "the Nature of the Idea-Horse," "The Nature of the Mind-Monkey"
  • Anna B. Sutton: "Two Whooping Cranes Are Found Shot Dead in Hopkins County"
  • Alexander Ulanov: "From Waves and Ladders trans. by Alex Cigale"
  • Chelsea Wagenaar: "Hope"
  • P. Ivan Young: "Building the Wolf"


The Southeast Review Poetry Contest 2014, Judged by Barbara Hamby


  • Annie Christain: "LAPD, Blue Child, and Low Daily Rates: No One Was Killed in the Square"
  • Jessica Durham: "Remember, Body"
  • Shawn Fawson: "Love After a Death"
  • Gabriel Leal: "King Mexican-Seed Meets Texas-Soil"
  • Andrea Witzke Slot: "Ring Out, Wild Bells, Voices of Our Nation's Streets"


  • Catherine Moore: "Love Poem, Revisited"



  • Adrienne Celt: "The Secret Lives and Thoughts of Animals: Artist Interview," "Deer," "Narwhal," "Elk," "Elephant I," "Elephant II," "Otter," "Sparrow," "Walrus
  • Matika Wilbur: "Telling the Authentic Story of Our People: Artist Interview," "Chenoa," "Pawnee Music Man," "Darkfeather, Bibiana, and Eckos Ancheta," "Sage Romero," "Star Flower Montoya," "Jane Blackmen," "White Mountain Apache Crown Dancer," "Tatanka Means"



  • Mark Medric George: "The Marrowbone Sessions"
  • Christine Pivovar: "Love in the Time of Communists"


World's Best Short-Shorty Story Contest 2014, Judged by Robert Olen Butler


  • Kiik A. K.: "an ocean"
  • Mira Doughtery-Johnson: "All Fairy Tales Are Actual"
  • Laurel Ferejohn: "Bear"
  • Kristin LaCroix: "Big Tipper"
  • Michaella A. Thornton: "Donna"


  • Megan Kirby: "Knead"


Creative Nonfiction

  • Donald Anderson: "Fat Man in the Middle"
  • Jennifer M. Colatosti: "Revolution"
  • Katherine Schifani: "The Kill List"


The Southeast Review Narrative Nonfiction Contest 2014, Judged by Mark Winegardner


  • Kerstin Lieff: "A Boy Named Klaus"


  • Kate Angus: "My Catalog of Failures"



  • Jonathan Bellot: "'The Best Thing We Have Is Our Vernacular': An Interview with Robert Antoni"


Book Reviews

  • Kirsten Clodfelter: "The Cartographer's Ink, Okla Elliott"
  • Elizabeth-Burton Jones: "The Circle, David Eggers"
  • Nathan Kemp: "Newcomer, Nathaniel Farrell"
  • Gary Leising: "On the Street of Divine Love, Barbara Hamby"
  • Alex Quinlan: "Stop Wanting, Lizzie Harris"
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