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  • Anne Carly Abad: "A Badjao Sisters' Wager"
  • Steve Coughlin: "Sacred Heart"
  • Jehanne Dubrow: "Asking and Telling"
  • Shawn Fawson: "How to Be a Good Listener"
  • John Gallaher: "In a Landscape: XLV"
  • P. K. Harmon: "What Asking"
  • Gary L. McDowell: "On Marriage and Too Little Dancing"
  • Jody Rambo: "House of Our Childhood"
  • Kent Shaw: "A Crystal Ball is an Accumulation of Way Too Many Feet Running," "I'm Sorry if the Rain Was Always Making Your Life More Confusing"
  • Charles Harper Webb: "Laughing Song"
  • Lesley Wheeler: "Cells All Ringing"
  • Josephine Yu: "If I Raise My Daughter Catholic"



  • Eduardo J. Astigarraga: "Ingredients of a Cuban Sandwich"
  • Annabel Gill: "High Rise"
  • Leyna Drow: "Habitat"
  • Michelle Zuppa: "How We Roll"



  • Dmitry Borshch: "Exiled from Truth: Artist Interview," "The Making of Brothers," "Sign Bearer," "Daughters of the Dust," "A Mining Archer," "Betrothal of the Virgins," "The Budding Patriarch," "Another Angel as Revealed to John and Dmitry," "Wildbirds Among Branches"
  • Lita Cabellut: "A Spoon to Serve the Last Supper: Artist Interview," "Coco 2," "Coco 41," "Chaplin 5," "Chaplin 19," "Chaplin 20," "Dried Tear 6," "Dried Tear 52," "Hidden Dreams 3"


Creative Nonfiction

  • Matthew Gavin Frank: "In Search of the Giant Squid in All the Wrong Waters, or, Peanut Soup as Solace"
  • Jason M. Jones: "A Nervous Tic Motion"
  • Robby Nadler: "Logan"



  • Jennifer Schomburg Kanke: "Moving Poetry Back Toward the Heart: An Interview with Annie Finch"


Book Reviews

  • Jocelyn Heath: "Tongue Lyre, Tyler Mills"
  • Carrie Lorig: "Dork Swagger, Steven Karl"
  • Wesley Rothman: "Urban Tumbleweed: Notes from a Tanka Diary, Harryette Mullen"
  • Gerald Yelle: "You Good Thing, Dara Wier"
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