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  • Jaswinder Bolina: "Second Variation on a Theme by César Vallejo"
  • Christine Butterworth-McDermott: "You Didn't Show"
  • Stephen Danos: "Prospective Client"
  • John Deming: "Knowing What to Do"
  • Matthew Fee: "Last Time You Threw a Chair at Me"
  • John Hoppenthaler: "Sleeping in Elizabeth Bishop's Bedwroom"
  • Gianmarc Manzione: "Randall Jarrell"
  • John A. Nieves: "Salvager's Shanty"
  • Kathryn Nuernberger: "Bat Boy Washed Up on Shore," "Wonders and Mysteries of Animal Magnetism Displayed (1791) as What I Want Is"
  • Jean-Baptiste Para translated by Steve Light: "Scene from the Time of the Decembrists"
  • Glenn Shaheen: "Pearl"


The Southeast Review Poetry Contest 2013, Judged by Erin Belieu


  • Rachel Contreni Flynn: "Gratitudes: Detasseling"
  • Colette Gill: "Thoughts in a Russian Museum"
  • Jonathan Greenhause: "All Is Noise & Music"
  • Elizabyth A. Hiscox: "Cellar Physic," "Or What You Will"
  • Allan Peterson: "Lasting"
  • Christine Salvatore: "Betrayal"
  • Vivian Shipley: "No Gold Lamé for Me"
  • Kathryn Weld: "Seed Bed"


  • Elizabeth A. Hiscox: "Night Being the Consort of Chaos in Milton"



  • Nance Van Winckel: "Book fo No Ledge: The Artist Writes," "A Day Book," "He Who? She When," "Dynamite," "Sweet Accouterments," "Dickens: Waiting Cheerfully," "Types of Wings," "Bark Van Winkle," "Public Ascents"
  • Lesley Oldaker: "Our Intertwined Existence: The Artist Writes," "Decision," "Waiting," "Connections," "Looking Back," "A Sense of Belonging," "A Sense of Purpose," "On the Edge," "Together"



  • Allison Wyss: "Only Real Art Lasts Forever"


World's Best Short-Shorty Story Contest 2013, Judged by Robert Olen Butler


  • Shannon Beamon: "The Skeletons that Make Your Closet"
  • Kelsie Hahn: "What My Daughter Is Holding"
  • Alisha Karabinus: "Begin Again with Heat"
  • Julia LoFaso: "The Envoy"
  • Heather Micheals: "These External Manners of Lament"
  • Eliot Khalil Wilson: "Costco," "The Homeowner's Association," " A Love Song in Two Voices," "Uncle Frank Meets Charlton Heston"


  • Kat Gonso: "A Pinch of Salt"


Creative Nonfiction

  • Jennifer De Leon: "Lucky Woman"
  • Nora Kipnis: "Survival in the Preparatory Environment: A Field Guide"
  • Sarah Fawn Montgomery: "Syndicated Silence"


The Southeast Review Narrative Nonfiction Context 2013, Judged by Diane Roberts


  • Elizabeth McConaghy: "Little Gods"
  • Sam Shaber: "I Am 40"


  • Pamela Balluck: "Parts of a Chair"



  • Ron Salutsky: "A Dirty Dozen with Don: An Interview with Don Bogen"


Book Reviews

  • Okla Elliott: "The Complete Poems of James Dickey, James Dickey"
  • Lisa McMurtray: "You Are Not Dead, Wendy Xu"
  • Nate Pritts: "Managing Difficulty, Lorig, Finn, Reines"
  • Misha Rai: "Whistling Past the Graveyard, Susan Crandall"
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