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  • Lisa Beans: "The Elk"
  • Clayton Adam Clark: "The River of Ugly Fishes"
  • Jen Coleman: "My Lucky Centipede"
  • Damien Cowger: "Sometime Chicano"
  • Kwame Dawes: "Mama Ola Speaks"
  • Danielle DeTiberus: "Turtleneck"
  • Joey Franklin: "Flying Lessons"
  • Beckian Fritz Goldberg: "Drunk Azure"
  • Marianne Kunkel: "Overcast"
  • Sandy Longhorn: "The Definition of a Febrile Body"
  • Amal Masri: "To My Mother"
  • Chuya Nakahara: "Sigh trans. by Christian Nagle"
  • Ariana Nadia Nash: "Like a Saturday Morning Visit"
  • Claire Sylvester Smith: "As a Spleen"
  • Patrick Swaney: "Late Summer"
  • Daniel Nathan Terry: "Grandfather"
  • Jennie Thompson: "Frog Gig, 1983"



  • Christine Stoddard: "I Was a Worm: The Artist Writes," "Forget Fairytales - Ballroom," "Forget Fairytales - Gnome," "Forget Fairytales - Marshmallows," "Forget Fairytales - Once Upon a Time," "Forget Fairytales - Princess," "Forget Fairytales - Tentacle Corn," "Once Upon a Codex," "Pony Fish"



  • Lauri Anderson Alford: "We Didn't Say Virginia"
  • Graham Cotten: "Resurfacing"
  • Katie Coyle: "The Tether"


Creative Nonfiction

  • Joseph Chinnock: "Break"
  • Ira Sukrungruang: "Atlast, Don't Let Me Down"
  • Eric Tanyavutti: "Rough"



  • Katie Cortese: "An Act of Fellowship: An Interview with Paul Harding"



  • Tif Robinette: "You are not invited to my birthday party!: The Artist Writes," "arm in arm," "the mean girls: she-ra," "mouth of the south in pink clouds," "gutsy gals get gotten," "the mean girls: princess adora," "brassiere," "hpy bday," "greta grinder: studfinder"


Book Reviews

  • T. K. Dalton: "Abu Dhabi Days, Dubai Nights, Jillian Schedneck"
  • Billy Hallal: "We Live in Water: Stories, Jess Walter"
  • Mike Krutel: "The Moon's Jaw, Rauan Klassnik"
  • Gale Marie Thompson: "Flood Bloom, Caroline Cabrera"
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