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  • Keverlee Burchett: "EF5"
  • David Crews: "Silence"
  • A. E. Loveridge: "Blues (and Benjamin)"
  • Clay Matthews: "Syllables, Child, Are Made of Air," "500 Miles of Tennessee"
  • Joshua L. Ruffin: "The Great Silence"
  • Tori Sharpe: "The Orange Grove, Spain, 2005"
  • Tara Skurtu: "Visiting Amber at Lowell Correctional"
  • Jaime S. Warburton: "This Is the World We Wanted"


The Southeast Review Poetry Contest 2011, Judged by David Kirby


  • Samuel Amadon: "Evergreen Avenue"
  • Kevin M. Coll: "Buddhista"
  • Deborah Flanagan: "Castanova: On Flight"
  • Melanie Graham: "Blood Words"
  • Kiki Vera Johnson: "The Excavation"
  • Rebecca Lauren: "The Year of Fires"
  • Greg Weiss: "The May or May Not Blues," "The Mississippi Scheme"
  • Kathleen Winter: "Jellyfish Elvis"


  • Francine Witte: "Wolf Logic



  • Stephan Eirik Clark: "The Birds Over the Village N."
  • Maria Kuznetsova: "Before and After"
  • Robert Edward Sullivan: "Hadron"
  • Ashley Wurzbacher: "What You See When You Look Close Enough"



  • Michael Kesselman: "A Dozen Sculptures: The Artist Writes," "Le Narcissiste," "Single Spark Egocentralizer I," "Single Spark Egocentralizer II," "Idego," "Concept," "Six Cylinder Egg," "Eggs Beater," "EKGG"


World's Best Short-Short Story Contest 2011, Judged by Robert Olen Butler


  • Jen Fawkes: "Chrysalis," "Hobbled"
  • Thomas Israel Hopkins: "The Coat My Mother Gave Me"
  • Elizabeth Long: "Trip Talk"
  • Nancy Ludmerer: "Ecosystem"
  • Steve Mitchell: "Flare," "Watching the Door"
  • Niloo Sarabi: "Abba"
  • Jeannine Dorian Vesser: "Summer Vacation"


  • Kim Henderson: "A Brookside Park Sunburn"



  • Jennifer M. Colatosti and Heather Frese: "Buffalo, Truth, and Slugs: An Interview with Dinty W. Moore"
  • Caleb Powell: "An Interview with Lidia Yuknavitch"


Creative Nonfiction

  • Rebecca Cook: "Flame"
  • Gwendolyn Knapp: "The Mother Load"
  • Julie Marie Wade: "Bone"



  • Leslie Salas: "Justification"


The Southeast Review Narrative Nonfiction Contest 2011, Judged by Mark Winegardner


  • Carol J. Clouse: "The Luck We Spent"
  • Barbara W. Sands: "Safe in the Arms of Elvis"


  • Jacob M. Appel: "Livery"


Book Reviews

  • Forrest Anderson: "For Sale By Owner, Kelcey Parker"
  • Jesse Damiani: "Clamor, Elyse Fenton"
  • Peter Fontaine: "Paradise Dogs, Man Martin"
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