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  • David-Matthew Barnes: "Walking to K-Mart to Buy a Dolly Parton Album"
  • Philip Belcher: "I Spent Most of Elementary School Fearing Quicksand," "To Dr. Paulson on the Eve of Surgery"
  • Monica Berlin: "Dear So-and-So," 
  • John-Michael P. Bloomquist: "Getting From Point A to Point B"
  • April Michelle Bratten: "Orange Ghazal"
  • Annah Browning: "The Gods," "Annie of the Holy Throat"
  • Brad Johnson: "Why Boats Float"
  • Amorak Huey: "To the Fathers of the First Great American Bluesmen"
  • Jacques J. Rancourt: "American Shrapnel"
  • Jay Snodgrass: "Apotheosis"
  • Charles Harper Webb: "Fishsuit"



  • Chad Woody: "Joyride," "Action Figures Found in Nature"
  • Jay Snodgrass: "Horse"
  • Rich Janney: "Lé Komodo"



  • Spencer Wise: "Sitting in the Stands: An Interview with Leslie Epstein"
  • Jen Schomburg Kanke: "Flair, Talent, Edge, and Zing: An Interview with Mark Halliday"
  • Eric Wasserman: "Gratness Strikes Where It Pleases: An Interview with Frederick Reiken"



  • Mary Byrne: "Lightning Strikes Twice"
  • Kimberly Long Cockroft: "Patron Saint of Trees"
  • Marysa LaRowe: "The Next Thing"
  • Douglas Silver: "Role Play"



  • Echo Miriam Railton: "An Ode to the Dandelion: The Artist Writes," "Taraxacum Officiale," "Untitled (Carbon)"


Creative Nonfiction

  • Eric Day: "Sugar Blues"
  • Joe Vallese: "Blood, Brothers"


Book Reviews

  • Forrest Anderson: "Rattlesnakes & the Moon, Darlin' Neal"
  • Peter Fontaine: "Unclean Jobs for Women and Girls, Alissa Nutting"
  • Michael Shea: "The Alphabet Conspiracy, Rita Mae Reese
  • Anne-Marie Thompson: "Horse and Rider, Melissa Range"
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