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  • Jill Bergkamp: "Nocturne with Coffee Fields and Lightning"
  • B. J. Best: "Cloud Journal"
  • Talia Bloch: "Death Valley," "In the City"
  • Pamela Burger: "The Ask-Out"
  • Heather June Gibbons: "Do Not Leave this Box"
  • W. Todd Kaneko: "Directions"
  • F. Daniel Rzicznek: "Gralloch"
  • Elena Stefoi: "'Fall Into the World' trans. by Adam J. Sorkin and Liana Vrajitoru"
  • Marcela Sulak: "Pomegranates," "In Praise of the Keiffer Pear," "Turnip"
  • Mark Wagenaar: "Survival Plans"


The Southeast Review Poetry Contest 2010, Judged by Barbara Hamby


  • Chuck Carlise: "Street Ghazal"
  • Alicia Case: "Inversion"
  • Chad Faries: "Fracture: Of Flying"
  • Dion Farquhar: "Legacy"
  • Gabor G. Gyukics: "Forge or Subdue"
  • Ellen LaFlèche: "Midwife Man"
  • Rebecca Lauren: "Eschatology"
  • Jeanne Wagner: "Kentucky Is the Saddest State"
  • Diana Woodcock: "Counting Desert Birds"


  • Rebecca Hoogs: "Miss Scarlet"



  • Kaitlin Baudier: "The Accompanist"



  • Jay Bates: "The Fisher of Fishermen"
  • Ryan Dilbert: "Speak Now"
  • Brenna Dixon: "The Weight of Birds"
  • Kristin FitzPatrick: "White Rabbit"
  • Dustin M. Hoffman: "Self-Destruct"



  • Jenna Gribbon: "The Enigma of Possibility: The Artist Writes," "Anne," "Brad," "Mack," "If Matthew weren't colorblind...," "Self-Portrait as an Insomniac Soothsayer," "If I were a blonde...," "Cold Nest," "Still Life with Tome and Time"


World's Best Short-Short Story Contest 2010, Judged by Robert Olen Butler


  • Mical Dalrey: "Bruce Ismay Commentates the Winter Olympics, St. Moritz, 1928"
  • Betsy Denson: "Impact"
  • Jen Fawkes: "Dear Ahab"
  • M. J. Fievre: "On the Balcony"
  • Amina Gautier: "Prone"
  • Kim Henderson: "The Carousel"
  • Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich: "A Clean-Shaven Man"
  • Rebecca J. Schmuck: "There Are No Philosophers Anymore"


  • Betsy Denson: "Motion," "Rest"



  • Melissa Pritchard: "The Mystery from Which Everything Arises: An Interview with Melissa Pritchard"



  • Jim Krosschell: "Felling Trees"
  • Zakariya Loutfi: "What Are the Young Muslims Doing Today?"


The Southeast Review Narrative Nonfiction Contest 2010, Judged by Julianna Baggott


  • Lisa K. Buchanan: "Sixty-Seven Reasons to Answer the Door on a Satuday at 6:03 a.m."
  • Caitlin Leffel: "Hope for Dead Letters"


  • Deborah Thompson: "See Monkey Dance, Make Good Photo"


Book Reviews

  • Katherine Conner: "My Bright Midnight, Josh Russell"
  • Okla Elliot: "The Possible Is Monstrous, Friedrich Durrenmatt trans. Daniele Pantano"
  • Michael Shea: "Tongue, Rachel Contreni Flynn"
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