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Welcome to Southeast Review Online!

I hope you will find what you’re looking for.

We at SER hope to better learn who and what you, our readers, wish to see published, and my goal as Editor has been to usher us toward always greater accessibility for our readership, greater institutional transparency, and the publication and payment of more diverse writers. SER TWO: This Week Online was the first step we took in these directions. Our masthead has used this space to actualize the free, online, weekly publication of an array of incredible voices, both emerging and established. We’re proud of this accomplishment, but we believe more is required to serve readers who don’t have access to the printed journal.

Before I get ahead of myself, I want to thank you. Without your constant support, we would not have been able to sustain our efforts. Every like and share on social media, each clicked link, each subscription and donation, each piece you recommend to a friend has made what we’ve done possible. What have we done? For each of two years, on SER TWO, we published more than fifty-two titles in addition to publishing a complete biannual print publication.

It has been an extraordinary ride, and we’re thrilled to take the next step with you. Southeast Review will continue to publish on a platform similar to TWO, but with less frequency. We’re reserving our energy for the next step in publication: moving everything online. It is my utmost pleasure to announce that, effective Spring 2020, Southeast Review’s biannually released volumes will be published both for purchase in print and for free online. We continue to accept direct donations.

We hope our online publications, moving forward, might not only expand the population that has access to free and quality literary work, but might also challenge us to think differently about how and what we publish. As always, we are yours; we welcome your feedback and guidance, and we’re listening.


Zach Linge


Southeast Review


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