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When God Opens a Door He Closes a Loophole

One spring morning, a sinkhole opened up at the far end of the elementary school. It swallowed the kindergarten classroom whole. Firemen arriving on scene lost all composure and skidded their shiniest red engine through a bed of lilacs and down into the abyss. All five men had to be rescued. As it turns out, the kindergartners were not in the building at the time. The school had chartered a bus, and the young students were on a field trip to the aquarium across town. They were probing the marvels of life under the sea, touching anemones with bare fingers, and eating lunch out on the grass, where one of them sat on a bee and died when her throat swelled shut.


DAVID DRURY lives in Seattle, Washington. He has a Master’s degree in Christian Studies and teaches people how to win at blackjack. His fiction has been anthologized in Best American Nonrequired Reading.


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