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2020 Contest Winners

Our warmest thanks to all who submitted to the Southeast Review's 2020 contests in art, fiction, nonfiction, and poetry! We're thrilled to share the results with you here. The titled pieces below will be published in the Southeast Review Vol. 39.1, Spring 2021.

"The Kiss" by Jacqueline Tse, porcelain

The Gearhart Poetry Prize

Judged by Kaveh Akbar


“Word I First Used in Poetry” by Hajjar Baban


Kemi Alabi

Tarik Dobbs


Kelli Russell Agodon

Arman Avasia

Despy Boutris

C. Sinclaire Brown

Em Dial

Kelly Houle

Joseph Gunho Jang

Justin Jannise

Ae Hee Lee

Grace Shuyi Liew

Shawna Rodenberg

Maggie Sarsfield

Jaz Sufi

The World’s Best Short-Short Story

Judged by Robert Olen Butler


“Instructions for Lovers” by Lauren Green


“Mean to Me” by Amina Gautier


Rachel Attias

Leonora Desar Bruce Geddes

Ingrid Jendrzejewski

Mark Keats

Mark Wagenaar

Jessica Walters

The Ned Stuckey-French Nonfiction Contest

Judged by Gilbert King