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Complete/Separate # 3

the difficult snow. the sky is making work

for the sun bear. driveways to be shoveled. per season

snow plow contracts getting their money’s worth.

more car crashes. there are no snow days in the

adult world tow. truck drivers work on commission.

elsewhere snow is a fable. someone’s ex boyfriend

is in san diego planning a ski trip. cacti have evolved

to store enough water to survive for years. someday

the trees will realize how cold it is.


it’s okay. spring always happens and the sewer grates

are reliable. if the sun bear gets spleen cancer the

doctor can remove the spleen. the star fruit trees

have been making star fruits longer than the sun bear had

been a bear. we can trust the trees. even if they don’t know.


Complete/Separate # 5

and elsewhere is it probably raining.

many other sun bears are equally successful

but their skill sets are in more valuable

markets such as star fruit growing

or managing hedge funds. in many places

there are other sun bears who were born

in zoos and thus have little opportunity

to be successful sun bears. with all this in mind

it is absurd that we can sleep at all.


there is Nyquil for nights when the sun bear feels like cheating

grief. his job puts enough star fruits on the table and he

can be home in time to go to his cub’s little league games.

that’s exactly what happens at the end of all the movies. right?

the charities do good work and the weekends are present/alive.


SEAN CHO A. is the author of American Home (Autumn House 2021) winner of the Autumn House Press chapbook contest. His work can be future found or ignored in Black Warrior Review, Copper Nickel, Prairie Schooner, The Massachusetts Review, among others. Sean is a graduate of the MFA program at The University of California Irvine and a Ph.D. student at the University of Cincinnati. He is the Editor in Chief of The Account.  


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