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Fool Enough

I feel personal 

doing my own thing

I forget the details 

handling them

Can’t help I’m led by the ear

pinched by it

I take my attention 

to distraction

as a kind of willpower

I want to be at least as ongoing

as a steak on a string

new as anyway

and no better for it

Inside’s the longest way to look

not at the Moon but at Buzz Aldrin 

whose mother’s maiden name was Moon

Whose idea was it?

It strikes me simply

and thusly 

each day how it is

The excerpts

the signal

the whole of it

How where there’s light 

there’s heat

and where there’s heat—

you’ll know it when you feel it

I’m trying to tell you 

the rest of it


RACHELLE TOARMINO is the author of the poetry collection That Ex and several chapbooks, most recently Comeback with Foundlings Press. Her poems and essays on poetry have appeared in American Poetry Review, Bennington Review, Electric Literature, Iterant, Literary Hub, Salt Hill Journal, The Slowdown, and elsewhere. She earned her MFA in poetry at UMass Amherst, where she received an Academy of American Poets Prize. She is also the founding editor in chief of Peach Mag and the founder and lead instructor of Beauty School, a new independent poetry school. She lives in Buffalo.


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