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Elizabeth Haidle

Inward, 2019

watercolor, 15 x 15"


Home Again, 2020

watercolor, 6 x 11"


Connect, 2019

watercolor, 15 x 15"


What Is It?, 2021

watercolor, 5 x 5"


The Empress, 2020

watercolor, 6 x 10"


People Watching, 2021

watercolor, 10 x 10"


Strength, 2020

watercolor, 6 x 10"


Surrender, 2020

watercolor and digital, 6 x 10"


ELIZABETH HAIDLE lives in Portland, Oregon, and specializes in nonfiction comics. She is the art and editorial director at Illustoria magazine. Her illustrations have appeared in graphic novels, picture books, and magazines such as the Nib and The New Yorker. Recent projects include an illustrated Tarot for All Ages deck, published by Lawrence King, and wearable art pajama sets with Rock Soup. She teaches online and in-person workshops involving experimental comics and personal art practices. Find out more at and @ehaidle on Instagram.


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