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(prayer) Salat after read be to Poem

helal marwa after form

money in weight its worth not is Islam Earth on that Seems

heaven into get to is currency the what wondered I’ve

blood is it Islam in deeds good of instead think I

glory slippery suffering red-hued all fight first my after fist my of look The

mother my ghost they how and grandparents dead My

drink I water dead the eat I animals dead the All

metal the on engraved name 15 was I when took I bullet almost An

music dead the and names dead the and countries Dead

to access have not do we languages dead the and

people black my leading gate heaven's white the at Me

feet my at collared Cerberus gown red blood a with

me see and down come to god white a challenging am I

grenades make to angels his training

together cheeks our pressed shaytan with hands left Shaking

jaw my to next sin rattlesnake boney blood solid Him greeting in

genesis quiet of instead violence of symphony a is religion My

violin a of strings the against sits bow a peacefully how matter No

comfort white of sound the to itself tune cannot it

enough soft not is names nine-ninety Her all Lord my of utterance the Even

English in was it when bad so wasn’t Sin Eve’s and Adam Even

white was God the when white were them of two the when

serpent the and white was Eden and white were angels the and

black was

English in was it when bad so wasn’t Sin Awa’s and Adaam Even

white was Allah when white were them of two the when

thueban the and white was Eadn and white were malā-ikah the and

l طlack was


ISHA CAMARA is a poet, visual and makeup artist hailing from South Minneapolis and a proud Aries. Most subjects she writes about circle thoughts and experiences of her identity as a Black Muslim woman and the ways in which she navigates in America, then understanding how America responds back to her. Isha’s purpose is to give a narrative that create conversations supplied with empathy, driven with tenderness.


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