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News of the Assassin

The reporters are

busy interviewing bees,

filming footage of

their team meetings to survive.

Things are killed each day,

someone murders time, closes

a window to rain.

Each day, a woman’s thoughts die,

we pin them to a man’s mind.


The Shortest Night

And when I looked up,

the sky had also turned black,

and I had aged a

hundred more feet down the road.

The owl was on the

next tree with mirrors as eyes,

in case I wanted

to see my future. When I

looked, I lost another year.


Ancestral Voices

I hate my own voice,

but someone after me will

wonder if my voice

was threadbare or if it

had tiny wings when I slept.


Lives of the Artists

I brush my hair and

wonder if you are watching.

I write a word and

attach it to a speaker—

someone please listen.

Words come out of my coffin,

made of maple. When

empty, it will return to

the trees who speak to no one.


The Gods

The fact that leaves can’t be put back on trees makes me

think that you do not exist.


VICTORIA CHANG's poetry books include OBIT, Barbie Chang, The Boss, Salvinia Molesta, and Circle. Her children’s books include Is Mommy?, illustrated by Marla Frazee, and Love, Love, a middle grade novel. She lives in Los Angeles and serves as the program chair of Antioch’s low-residency MFA program.


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