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  • Arro Mandell: “this morning it's”
  • Marcus Wicker: “ATLien Breathes in the Symphony...” & “Surely, you must have thought...”
  • Perry Levitch: “leporiform”
  • Brian Russell: “Arizona”
  • KB Brookins: “& on my way out of the capitol, I see 2 trans boys kissing”
  • Meghan Kemp-Gee: “A late-night text message from the Keyhole Nebula...”
  • Sebastian Luc Butler: “Gospel”
  • Kiyoko Reidy: “On My Way To Being An Actual”
  • James Lineberger: “the time when I found out about patsy”
  • Eleanor Goodman:“Afterbirth”
  • Chelsea Dingman: “Recovery is Memory”
  • Josh Humphrey: “Superman Suite: Lex Luthor”
  • Timothy Michalik: “excerpts from Pictures of the Weather”
  • Rachelle Toarmino: "Fool Enough" 
  • Rick Bursky: "The Winter Man”
  • Marina Kraiskaya: “Levitan”
  • Dexter Booth: “Glasses Crow Puts on His White Voice to Say Some Professional Negro Shit”
  • Sean Cho A.: “Complete/Separate #3” & “Complete/Separate #5”
  • Jai Hamid Bashir: "Alone, in Halves" 



  • Francesca Halikias: “A Rare, Unique, Unthinkable Thing”
  • Elizabeth Hoover: “Our Waste and Our Potential”
  • Michael Narkunski: “The Gift, the Curse”



  • Marne Litfin: “American Girl”
  • Shannon Sanders: “Other People’s Children”



  • Fay Ray: "Verdo," "Split the Pill," "Dawn," "Guardian," "Oracle," "Egg Arch and Pearl Portal," "Pica," and "El Gulfo"

  • Amir H. Fallah: "Urn," "For Those Who Fear Tomorrow," "Planes Above," "Lost and Found," "Guardian," "Defender," "Foresight Prevents Blindness," and "Within Reach" 

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