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  • Hannah V Warren: “A Half-Step From Salvation”
  • Carling McManus: “Closed Circuit”
  • Winshen Liu: “August, Living Alone”
  • Katie Berta: “[Wanting to be a servant of no one…]” & “[Dreaming of being singular]”
  • Imani Davis: “Abecedarian in the Party Supply Aisle with Nothing to Celebrate*”
  • Kathryn Cowles: “Supplement I”
  • Bryce Berkowitz: “After Running Into My Student at Therapy”
  • Andrew Collard: “The Neighborhood Only Returns in Fragments”
  • Tracy Fuad: “Internet” & “Change”
  • Jeff Whitney:“You Will Walk the Earth For Some Amount of Days”
  • Chen Chen: “Snow Day” & “Lust Ode”
  • Renée Lepreau: “Pit”
  • Kevin Prufer: “Memory”
  • Su Hwang: “Anthropause Abecedarian”
  • Lara Egger: “Parallel Parking” & “Still Life with Hindsight and Mini Bar”
  • Natasha Rao: “VS.”
  • Iqra Khan: “Aubade at the Beginning of Time”



  • Samantha Moe: “Cauterize”
  • L. I. Henley: “Of Wormholes and Junk Monsters”
  • Aliyeh Ataei trans. by Siavash Saadlou: “Stains”
  • Jessica Poli: “Embodying Ruby”



  • Jacob Moniz: “The Smell of Muskoka Pomade”
  • Nick Story: “Disaster Movie”
  • Tara Isabel Zambrano: “Soft, Harmless Monsters”
  • Maria Poulatha: “In Tongues”
  • Genevieve Abravanel: “This Paradise of Air" 



  • Philana Oliphant: "Phase Out—Delete," "Lost Bird Song," "Adjust to Reality," "Swallow’s Bone," "Straight Seems Crooked," "Mirage," "The Sound of Breaking," and "Dead Bird List (cropped)"

  • Ken Gun Min and Shulamit Nazarian: "Westlake (Thirteen missing women)," "Yucca (echo park lake)," "Night Cruiser (Chestnut Tree)," "Night Cruiser (Westlake)," "An eclipse does not come alone (West Lake Moon, EastLake Sun)," "Bathers," and "1984 (Portrait series from oral interview withimmigrant Asian-American gay couple)"

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