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  • Bret Yamanaka: 「Obake Obachan」
  • Ashley Somwaru: "Pick What Story You Would Like Me to Become"
  • Luiza Flynn-Goodlett: "At Love’s Truck Stop, Laramie, WY"
  • Aza Pace: "Welcome to the Solar System, Welcome to the Woods"
  • Chloe Martinez: "Spine" and "The Cupid Revealed in the Restoration of Vermeer’s Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window Talks Back"
  • Ana Portnoy Brimmer: "Sex Sonnet I" and "Mercurial"
  • Darius Atefat-Peckham: "Here’s a Love Poem Sleeping"
  • Shelly Stewart Cato: "Alligator Alley" 
  • Karisma Price: "I’m Always so Serious" and "And"
  • Stella Wong: "[who are you]" and "[i am collecting]"
  • Blaine Prescott: "Initial Sightings West of Modern Appalachia"
  • Caitlin Roach: "In Oakland Cemetery" and "A Wedding"
  • Emma Aylor: "High Plain"
  • JSA Lowe: "Dear Ventilator" 



  • Carmen Petaccio: "VR" 
  • A. J. Jacono: "When We Remembered Zion"
  • Allison A. deFreese: "The Night with James Dean"
  • Phoebe Oathout: "Chainmail Bikini"
  • Alex Pickett: "Petland"



  • Storey Clayton: "Glass Houses"
  • Jessica E. Johnson: "The Ghost Road"
  • Laura Joyce-Hubbard: "A Zuihitsu: Harvesting Black Walnuts"



  • Marynka Dovhanych: "Burning Rage," "On 'Stay Safe,'" "Intense Worry," "Put Spring on Hold," "Air Raid Siren," "Siege of Mariupol," "Russia Set Ukraine on Fire," and "Dog Food" 

  • Lauren Rice: "Moonshapes," "Time Is a Sunset," "Bad Moon Rising (XO)," "The Maze," "Head on the Ground, Feet in the Clouds" "The Wrong Green," "Unearthed," and "Poor Pythagoras" 

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