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  • Jamaica Baldwin: "Nation" and "Country" 
  • Isha Camara: "(Prayer) Salat after Read Be to Poem" 
  • Malcolm Tariq: "Against Fear" 
  • Eric Tyler Benick: "Fox Hunt" 
  • Kayleb Rae Candrilli: "A Poem about Batman," "Why My Fantasy Football League Asks Me to Write a Poem about the Jersey Shore 'Note,'" and The Only Atlas We Need Is One Drafted by Children" 
  • Emily Cinquemani: "The Truth Is" and "God Promised Trouble" 
  • Despy Boutris: "With an Amy Lowell Line Running through My Head" and "The First Night I Slept in Your Bed" 
  • Jessica Q. Stark: "Buffalo Girl," "Kleptomania V: To Know and Laugh at the New Country," and "Poem in Which I Narrowly Escape My Birth" 
  • Hannah V. Warren: "Let Us Have Our Own Suffering" 
  • Noah Warren: "Chemtrail" 
  • Christine Gosnay: "Olympus," "Narcissus," and "Night Pieces" 
  • Carolyn Oliver: "My Son Asks If I Would Rather Live in a House Infested by Bees or a House Infested by Koalas" 
  • Patrycja Humienik: "Voracious" 
  • Sebastian Hasani Paramo: "Studying Abroad in Mexico, Looking up at Man of Fire by Jose Clemente Orozco"  



  • Cole Pragides: "The Filipino Dragon" 
  • Amanda Gaines: "Save the Heart, Save the Girl" 
  • Nadia Shahbaz: "Immigrant Making Art Origin Story" 
  • Toni Mirosevich: "The Deadliest Sin" 
  • McKenzie Zalopany: "Kitsune no Yomeiri" 
  • Tjoa Shze Hui: "The True Wonders of the Holy Land"  



  • Jon Elofson: "Parrots" 
  • Karen Wunsch: "Three Legs Are Better than Two" 
  • Han Chang: "Uncle, Uncle!" 
  • Amanda K. Horn: "The Airplane"



  • Pace Taylor: "Here, for Now"; "Inside Sounds .o4"; "'Forget Me.' 'Never.'"; "Dancing Boys I"; "Place, Becoming Feeling. Feeling, Becoming Place."; "Everything on the Menu Looked Wrong"; "To Kiss Again, after So Long"; "Incidental Body Blush" 
  • Catriona Secker: "Siphonophorae," "Hopalong," "Connections," "Somnus," "Nature Spirit," "Nature Spirit 2," "Plate," and "Half Flatworm" 
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