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  • Christopher Citro: "An Emergency Every Day of the Week"
  • Whitney DeVos: "The Huntsman," "some call it a phantom settlement; to met it's home"
  • Stephanie Dugger: "On Surfacing, A Mother's Voice"
  • Alex Fabrizio: "Undark"
  • EJ Koh: "Fishbowl"
  • Travis Mossotti: "Superior Oak Ridge Landfill"
  • Michael Salcman: "The Lost Notebook"
  • Erika L. Sánchez: "La Cueva"
  • Jaspal Kaur Singh: "Victoria Falls"
  • Teff Tigchelaar: "Report to William Stafford"
  • Charles Harper Webb: "How Can I Exceed Your Expectations"


The Southeast Review Poetry Contest 2012, Judged by James Kimbrell


  • Johleen Adena: "I Will Stop Loving You When This War Ends"
  • Benjamin Goldberg: "Busted Mirror of Everything Under the Sun"
  • Les Gottesman: "My Twentieth Century," "Tremble"
  • John Lander: "A Place to Hide My Crumbs"
  • Emily Pulfer-Terino: "The Familiar," "What Will Never Be"
  • Mark Wagenaar: "A Gospel of Hands & Breath"
  • Barrett Warner: "Ammo Domini"


  • Noel Crook: "Crows"



  • Jenny Halper: "Last Summer, Lake Merlin"
  • Emily Howorth: "Tunneling to china"



  • Rebecca Bourke: "I Have Never Seen the Monster: The Artist Writes," "Do Not Touch My Neck," "Do You Know How Beautiful You Are," "Everything in My Head Is So Simple," "If You Don't Learn to Talk," "It Will Be Fine Once I Get Through," "Must Keep Running," "The Shape of the Entire World Has Changed," "You Are a Runner"


World's Best Short-Short Story Contest 2012, Judged by Robert Olen Butler


  • Heidi Bell: "Haunted"
  • Stace Budzko: "Why We Still Love You, Vera Knightville"
  • Michelle Dove: "Intruders"
  • Kat Gonso: "Capture the Flag"
  • Rochelle Hurt: "Impossible Child"
  • Sandra Jensen: "Fault Lines"
  • Sam Paradise: "At The Liberty Inn Motel"
  • Chris Tusa: "Neighborhood Association," "Mean Blood"


  • Hal Ackerman: "Belle and Melinda"



  • Jessica Pitchford: "Writing About the big Things: An Interview with Kevin Brockmeier"


Creative Nonfiction

  • Andrea Lewis: "Shored Against My Ruins"
  • Steven Moore: "The Desert Is Neutral"



  • Aini Tolonen: "Worlds Within Worlds: The Artist Writes," "Until Dawn We Dance," "Bacchanal," "Crossing the Bridge," "In the House of Hades," "Spear of Hercules," "Tower of Babel," "Toucan Evenings," "Why To Build the Wall"


The Southeast Review Narrative Nonfiction Contest 2012, Judged by Jennine Capoó Crucet


  • JLSchneider: "The Glass Wall"
  • Kelly Sundberg: "Snow. Angel. Ghost."


  • Ruth Moose: "A Key as Big as Your Hand"


Book Reviews

  • Michael Cooper: "Echolocation, Myfawny Collins"
  • Robert M. Detman: "Magic Hours, Tom Bissell"
  • Peter Fontaine: "My Only Wife, Jac Jemc"
  • Joshua Kleinberg: "Walking Across a Field We Are Focused on at This Time Now, Sara Wintz"
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