July 29, 2019

The Sun, the Ship

      the sun shone

as it had to on the white legs disappearing into the green
water, and the expensive delicate ship that must have seen

something amazing, a boy falling out of the sky,

had somewhere to get to and sailed calmly on.


July 23, 2019

Chewy Hannah Yukon is a hybrid multi-genre artist from Singapore. Her work investigates the inherent failure of articulation, both as a linguistic mechanism as well as a by-product of transmission. She explores, through mathematical explorations and cartographic data c...

The following works were featured in The Southeast Review Vol. 34.2

About the Artist:

Detroit-bred Jamea Richmond-Edwards graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts from Jackson State University in 2004 where she studied painting and drawing. She went on to earn a...

Two Poets Email on a Sunday Afternoon

I used to think what happened to me / massive creature & putrid / pinned to the floor, ripped open, a man

inside my belly / was the exception / some House members believe this God’s will / brutalizing a little girl is

God’s will / b...

July 8, 2019

Aatif Rashid is a writer living in Los Angeles. He is the author of the novel Portrait of Sebastian Khan, published March 18, 2019 from 7.13 Books. His short stories have appeared in The Massachusetts Review, Metamorphosis, and Arcturus Magazine, and his nonfiction has...

July 1, 2019

Teething Borders

“Borders are set up to define the places that are safe and unsafe, to distinguish us from them. A border is a dividing line, a narrow strip along a steep edge. A borderland is a vague and undetermined place created by the emotional residue of an unnatur...

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September 3, 2018