TWO 2019: Contents

ART Shane Allison: "Six Works" Tamara Dean: "Seven Works" Yi Xiao Chen: "Three Works" Jamea Richmond-Edwards: "Four Works" Tif Robinette: "ain’t your goddess, ain’t your beast" Dao Linh: "Two Works" Josh Sinn: "Six Works" Marcus Oakley: "Eight Works" Alexa Torre: "Works from 'Mexican Utopia' and 'Zona Rosa'" BOOK REVIEWS Nicholas Bon: The Final Voicemails, Max Ritvo Adam Pickens: The Collected Letters of Flann O’Brien, ed. Maebh Long Paul Hansen: The Deeper the Water the Uglier the Fish, Katya Apekina Brandi Nicole Martin: Cease, Beth Bachmann Robert Cocanaugher: Big City, Marream Krollos Michael Taylor: The Golden State, Lydia Kiesling Tom Kelly: Band Names & Other Poems, Peter Davis FICTIO

"An Interview with Alice Bolin"

Alice Bolin’s nonfiction has appeared in many publications, including Elle, The AWL, the Los Angeles Review of Books, Salon, Vice’s Broadly, The Paris Review Daily, and The New Yorker’s Page-Turner blog. She currently teaches creative nonfiction at the University of Memphis. You can follow her on Twitter here: @alicebolin As a kid, I found myself as a second-hand viewer of the Dead Girl show, meaning it was always on in some capacity and was grooming me to be well-versed in the dangers of the world. I felt little to no desire to watch, but I knew the Dead Girl show loomed in the living room. In a tweet by comedian Jen Lap, she points out, “It’s weird how women (myself included) are obsessed

"Understanding the Family: A Guide for Clinicians"

Understanding the Family: A Guide for Clinicians Lisette and Gabe’s father went missing when they were nine and seven and never came back or called. Lisette remembered him like this: a stocky figure in a white undershirt, exhaling smoke, watching wrestling on TV and winking down at her where she sat on the carpet. Reading the paper with glasses on. Cutting a callus off the ball of his foot. Gradually they and their mother began talking about him as though he was dead. Their mother gradually faded herself out of his side of the family. She told Lisette she found being around them too painful. “But don’t lose them,” she said. “That’s your family. Especially your abuela.” So once Lisette and Ga

Robert Olen Butler

Listen to Robert Olen Butler reading at the Jerome Stern Distinguished Writers Series.