Works from "Mexican Utopia" and "Zona Rosa" by Alexa Torre

The following works from "Mexican Utopia" were featured in The Southeast Review Vol. 33.2 "Mexican Utopia" Artist's Statement: Mexico is a singular country but we need to find those different Mexicans, Mexicans that can find their own way of assuming their own membership. “Hecho en Mexico” needs to be more than just a mark in a imported box. One of the transcendental parts of us, as Mexicans, is our identity. The way that we are often characterized is through our euphoric patriotism, history, culture, faith and mysticism in a very passionate way. This is a country full of folklore––dancing, dresses, and colors that express our cultural identity. Our country seems to be losing that sense of s

"An Interview with Cara Dees"

Cara Dees is the author of the debut collection, Exorcism Lessons in the Heartland (Barrow Street, October 2019), selected by Ada Limón for the 2018 Barrow Street Book Prize. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in journals such as The Adroit Journal, Beloit Poetry Journal, Best New Poets 2016, Crazyhorse, Gulf Coast, Harvard Review, The Journal, Poetry Daily, and The Southeast Review. An Editorial Assistant at Cincinnati Review, she has also served as a founding editor and former Managing Editor of The Arkansas International, as well as Poetry and Comics Editor of Nashville Review. Visit Barrow Street or Amazon to order her collection Exorcism Lessons in the Heartland (Barrow Street, Oct


Flamingos As the nurses pushed your bed into the OR, you extended your arms toward us, & we promised we’d take you to see the flamingos in the hospital garden downstairs. When you woke up, you refused to pee on the diaper underneath you (you’d been potty-trained for months), so we brought the bedpan & explained you couldn’t walk yet, but soon. I learnt to listen to your monitor in my sleep. The worried aren’t supposed to be hungry, but I ordered food because it was reassuring to know there was someone grilling chicken in a restaurant in the city in the outside which still existed. I decided to google Lady Gaga & watch her videos. I contemplated dyeing my hair red. The day they

Two Poems by Alycia Pirmohamed

A Dark Bird There is no right answer to how a young girl finds a home. Sometimes, she marvels at the swift larks or names the crows after their shadows. I have been a dark bird with a compass in her throat, flock searching. I have been a young girl looking for something to love that did not strike fire to her skin. My body symmetries two landscapes, two countries to which I don’t entirely belong: I have lived next to sprigs of wheat for twenty years, and still, they drop their familiar bushels in this poem like strangers. I have never dunked my head in the sea of Dar es Salaam, and still, it roils in my blood, beckoning like a mother. I want to drink in a homeland like a horse guzzling from

Two Poems by Ben Purkert

The Only Confession I did something wrong I carved a name into a tree and it wasn’t even mine the name belonged to someone I used to love the tree belonged to no one at all and I wept as soon as I dug in the knife how hard I tried to make the vowels sing but the old tree said nothing it was both witness and victim it was one of those trees with too many hearts too many couples leaving so cruelly their initials I believe in a poem there’s room for only one heart in this way it’s like a person let’s call her Jeanne The Only Piccolo I knew a man who died was a conductor he made everyone love to play music when he lifted his arms they got louder when he crouched they whispered away like mice the

Eight Works by Marcus Oakley

The following works were featured in The Southeast Review Vol. 36.2 Arms / 2018 / Felt tip on paper Car / 2017 / Felt tip on paper Hand / 2018 / Felt tip on paper Hand Up / 2017 / Felt tip on paper Hands / 2016 / Felt tip on paper Headssss / 2017 / Felt tip on paper Long Arm / 2017 / Felt tip on paper Van / 2018 / Felt tip on paper Marcus is originally from Norfolk, a coastal county in south-east England. His work is inspired by many things – both retrospective and contemporary. His influences include folky, harmonic and melodic music of all kinds; the pastoral and folkloric delights of the countryside and the various eccentric beasts and humans that inhabit it; the joys of cycling; the stim